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Part 1: Aga Artka - Why I took the BeLoose Graphic Workshop

Becoming Loose / Part I

January 16th, 2010 12:43 PM

Wondering why some people can draw better than others? Besides the obvious reason, a natural incline or talent, the best graphic artists and illustrators put in their dues and work hard to reach the top. Luckily for those, who are not as gifted (like me) but who want to learn and are committed to becoming better at drawing, there is hope. 

As kids, we spend a lot of time drawing and coloring. We get easily absorbed in creating images with color pencils, markers, Crayons, chalk, acrylic paint, because it’s fun and it allows us to see the world differently.  In school however, we quickly discover that being artistic isn’t really all that great. Most kids choose to forgo their creative side in exchange for public acceptance and “normal” teenage-hood. It is much easier to control the “normal” than give freedom to the creative and let them develop on their own terms. Art programs are always the first to get sliced. Being artistic is generally not cool.

Then we grow up, decide on a career path, go through college and arrive at a conclusion that (it would be nice if could) but we still can’t draw. That is my story. That’s how I decided that I needed to take a step back and reconnect with my creative side. As an interior designer, I come up with a lot of ideas, concepts and design solutions that I would like to be able to jot down on a spot and develop later. I never had that ability, even after receiving my degree. I have tried self-education, sketching from nature, copying from numerous books but with poor results. Unfortunately, I always had a hard time understanding perspective, light, shade and shadow as well as seeing color in layers. More importantly, I never had the confidence or the patience to become a good drawer. Now I do.

Thanks to the intense but a very enlightening drawing workshop called “Be Loose” lead by Mike Lin, a nationally renown landscape architect, author and educator, I have the tools and the confidence to become the best drawer I can be (or how Mike would say “the best drawer in my family”). Mike has an exceptional sense of humor and a teaching style. He can feel the general mood and adjusts the scope of the workshop to the energy level of the group. He not only teaches the basics of how to draw, how to see spaces, how to incorporate light and color, proportion and balance into the design, but also changes our outlook on life as we know it, explains the idea of success and positive thinking. He emphasizes the importance of living life big, experiencing other cultures and countries, concentrating on today and not worrying about tomorrow too much. Through self-discovery, applied theory and lots of practice, this workshop shows that becoming loose is what everyone needs to succeed in this world. It is truly a life changing experience. Stay tuned for Part II.


-Aga Artka












Aga is an Interior Design professional. Visit her website at 

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