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Yves Rathle is a talented and forward-thinking visualist. A registered architect and based out of San Francisco, Yves has been involved with the design of many projects in major cities throughout the nation and the world.  His studio utilizes both digital and hand-drawing techniques and tools which enable the ability to churn-out concepts quickly and efficiently. In this time of "everything" digital, Yves's process always uses hand-drawing as the benchmark of a design thought, and it is here that I would like to share some of his brilliant and vibrant work. 



Conceptual Visioning. Yves and his team works with the architects and designers at the project's inception, drawing and brain-storming ideas. During these team charrettes, ideas are tested and flushed out for massing, scale, and complexity of form and drawn using pencil or black prismacolor pencil.   


Concept Development and . Once a design direction manifests, perspective views are set, either in sketch-up/3D Studio or traditional one-point/two-point perspective set-up. The quality of the image is still in a constructive "working" style, but as a concept drawing can be used as an interim presentation graphic to the client by adding a bit of color and some filtered photoshop technique. This keeps everything loose and doesn't overwhelm the client's decision making because the design is still "cooking".


Creating the Story. Yves then creates a multitude of different perspective views to help high-light certain and important aspects of the design. These are either from massing models from Sketch-Up/3D Studio or from a measured two-point perspective. The style is still quite loose, but exciting and vibrant nonetheless. These sketches are also precursors to frames for movies and progressive "fly-throughs" which many of Yves's clients find extremely successful.


Final Illustrative Perspective Drawings. This phase of the artwork entails finalized design direction, detailing of the building articulation, urban and landscape design of spaces, and entourage and people with shadows for urban scale and activation of spaces. Colors and textures are characterized by the paper used, and kept light and ethereal in order to keep the vision of the work balanced and clear.


Thank you to Yves Rathle for allowing the use of his artwork for this blog. If you have further questions about Yves's work and his design services, feel free to contact him on his member profile or email him directly at:  

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Comment by Robert Natata on April 6, 2011 at 9:14pm
wonderfully fun to look at

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