BeLoose Graphic Workshop

BeLoose Graphic Workshop at the 2010 ASLA Expo in D.C.

Thanks to everyone who came by the BeLoose Graphic Workshop Booth at this year's ASLA National Convention and Expo in Washington D.C. It was a pleasure meeting all of you ! It truly was a great experience and we enjoyed being there sharing the release of the new website and graphic materials.

Initial brainstorming ideas for booth and board concepts.

Quick 15 second sketch of spatial feel of the booth.

Finalized layout and sketch of the BeLoose Booth. Then we found out we had 10 more feet of booth...

Here are a few photos from the event...

New release of our BeLoose Corporate Identity and business cards (designed by talented Graphic Designer Anna Lai)

The Walter E. Washington Convention Center: The site of the 2010 ASLA National Meeting and Expo. The buildings were built in 2003 and designed by TVS Architects of Atlanta, Georgia.

Some interesting mobile art at the lower conference level. I guess it's a good thing that seismic events aren't too frequent in the D.C. Area.

September 10th. Set on the expo floor where numerous exhibitors begin setting up their custom booths. Booth sizes ranged from the basic 10'x10' to larger booths like this one across the way from us. It took them 4 hours to put their structure together and was quite impressive once completed.

Brandon Olson arranging the Before/After drawing display board for the booth. What are you laughing at Brandon?

Arrangement and layout of the "Good Examples" display board for the booth. Thank you to Carilee and Linda Potrafke at the Corcoran School of Art for taking time out of their day (and testing their driving ability with the boards on Carilee's roof) for getting the boards to us on a moments notice!

Our booth almost completed. Just a few minor tweaks with the examples board and clean up and we're ready to go. The large 5' ad banners and Events Board were designed by Graphic Designer Anna Lai.

Trevor Kokenge and Brandon Olson discussing the finalized layout and setup of the booth. And thanks Trevor for reminding us at 4pm that we hadn't eaten lunch yet!

September 11th. Expo opening day. We had a lot of foot traffic coming to our booth and great dialogue with new members and former students of Mike Lin. We even had former students from over 30 years ago visit and catch-up with Mike.

A new member filling out a raffle ticket to try her luck at one of the many raffle prizes during the expo event.

New members who have gathered for the raffle. That's Brandon Olson on the right calling out the winners.

Brian attempting to take the LED Fountain from our neighbor across the way. It would look sooo good at the Las Vegas house!

Thanks again to everyone who came by our booth and welcome to our new members! We enjoyed the Expo and hope to see everyone soon!

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Comment by Brandon Olson on September 16, 2010 at 8:56am
indeed there was, talk about the ideal location
Comment by Brian Lin on September 16, 2010 at 8:55am
And there was an Irish Pub just 4 blocks away. Perfect!
Comment by Brandon Olson on September 16, 2010 at 4:01am
Yeah! It was a good experience
Comment by Mike Lin on September 16, 2010 at 12:46am
Very good show Brian!

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